I welcome you to this blog with an open heart and a loving intention.  I hope to inspire whoever reads this to choose to live a healthy life and be happy in all that you are and do. As a yogi, I strive to incorporate the invaluable lessons I have learned in practicing gratitude, mindfulness and love through my yoga practice and applying it to my everyday life. Whether it be choosing to let go of the past or striving to not get carried away in the future. Ultimately, finding happiness in each present moment and in each breath you take. It is essential to focus on the well-being of both mind and body. Be kind to yourself,  think happy thoughts, challenge yourself and nourish the body through foods that were created to benefit the physiological makeup of our individual bodies. I hope to enlighten and empower people to embrace all aspects of life by eating wisermoving with a purpose and living with intention. Let go of the ego and anything that does not serve purpose in obtaining true happiness. Choose to be happylovingkind and compassionate. Find an intention that speaks to you. Cultivate this intention into every aspect of your life. It will not only benefit you as a person but can empower all who you encounter. Share the love and light of your true self to everyone!

 Yoga Instructor, Holistic Lifestyle Consultant, fresh food fanatic & travel enthusiast. Hoping to enlighten and empower people to embrace all aspects of life by eating wiser, moving with a purpose & living with intention.

Be who you’re meant to be, love who you’ve always been. 


Born and raised in the land of pleasant living, Baltimore MD.

Email BaltiYogi@gmail.com for contact purposes.

Looking for safe, vegan, non-toxic products you can trust? Please visit my NYR Organic page for more information on the power of nature’s role in providing a vibrant, healthy and more holistic way of life. The products are made from the highest quality of organic, non-gmo products through an ethical company you can trust. From organic skincare, bath & body products, herbal remedies, yummy teas, supplements, mother & baby products, aromatherapy & more!

Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 1)

Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 1)


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